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Town of New Baltimore Justice Court
3809 County Route 51, Hannacroix, New York 12087
(518) 756-2079
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Traffic Tickets
Prosecuted by Greene County District Attorney's Office (State Police) or local officers.
Criminal Prosecutions
Greene County District Attorney's Office
Hon. Joseph A. Farrell, Jr. & Hon. Joseph Cosenza

New Baltimore Town Court

Traffic Enforcement & Prosecution

The New York State Thruway runs through a large part of the Town of New Baltimore, as a result a substantial number of speeding tickets are issued in the town. Enforcement on the Thruway is exclusively handled by officers from “Troop T” of the NYS Police (a special unit than only patrols the Thruway). The speed limit along the Thruway is mostly 65 mph, however there are extended sections in the south and west that are 55 mph. Almost all speeding tickets are written for speeds more than 10 mph over the limit. Stationary radar and laser speed detection are widely used. The wide and often wooded median creates numerous opportunities for radar or laser speed traps that cannot be detected in advance. Traffic law enforcement along all of the other roads in the Town of New Baltimore is handled by a combination of NYS Police, Greene County Sheriff’s and local town police officers. Enforcement is also intense on Rt. 9W and Rt. 32.


Traffic Court

The Town Court holds  “traffic calendars” which are devoted to adjudicating traffic tickets.  The NYS Police are prohibited from negotiating plea bargains on traffic violations.  As a result, a Greene County Assistant District Attorney is assigned deal with tickets written by the NYS police.  95% of state police tickets are adjudicated through plea bargains with the special prosecutor.  The ADA and both judges are reasonable about plea bargains as long as the speed was not more than 25 mph over the limit or over 85 mph.


Local police officers generally prosecute their own tickets, though the ADA may substitute for them.  Again, most tickets are resolved through plea bargains.


Traffic court sessions can last 1-2 hours.  Attorneys are permitted to appear for the clients without the client being present.


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Criminal Law Enforcement & Prosecution

All criminal prosecutions are handled by the Greene County District Attorney’s Office.  Like most other district attorney’s in the Hudson Valley, the Greene County DA’s office has taken an increasing hard line on DWI of recent date.   In 2009 there were more than 1000 alcohol related driving arrests impaired or intoxicated cdriving (DWI, DWAI, DWAI-D) in Greene County.  Both the NYS Police and the Greene County Sheriff’s Department made numerous arrests.  Most arrests occurred after dark with many taking place after midnight.  Police officers assume that many driver’s who are out after midnight have consumed alcohol and or drugs.  As a result they are looking for any lawful reason to pull drivers over in order to investigate possible DWI incidents.  Alcohol checkpoints were established several times by the a combined task force of NYS Police and Sheriff’s Dept.  Several of these were along Rt. 9W or Rt. 32.


All of these offenses are “criminal” violations of the law and, as a result are prosecuted by the Greene County District Attorney’s office.


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