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Traffic Tickets
Prosecuted by Special Town Prosecutor (State Police) or local officers.
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Justice Richard L. Shuback

Florida, NY Village Court

Traffic Enforcement

Florida is a small village within the Town of Warwick.  There are no major highways running through the village runs through Route 94/17A are very busy local roads running from the county seat of Goshen to the Warwick and New Jersey.  Enforcement is handled by local police and NYS Police from “Troop F.”  There is a small state police sub-station located in Florida.  Traffic law enforcement during daytime is largely by local police, evenings and overnight is mostly by the state police.  Speed limits drop suddenly from 55 mph to 30 mph on all roads approaching the heart of the village.  Speed enforcement can be intense in the 30 mph zones.


Traffic Court

Justice Shuback has several “traffic calendars” which are devoted to adjudicating traffic tickets. The NYS Police are prohibited from negotiating plea bargains on traffic violations. As a result, a special village prosecutor has been appointed to deal with tickets written by the NYS police. 95% of state police tickets are adjudicated through plea bargains with the special prosecutor. The Village Prosecutor and the judge are reasonable about plea bargains as long as the speed was not more than 25 mph over the limit or over 90 mph.


Local police officers somtimes prosecute their own tickets, though the special prosecutor may substitute for them. Again, most tickets are resolved through plea bargains.  Traffic court sessions can last 1-2 hours. Attorneys are permitted to appear without their clients being present for traffic court.


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Criminal Law Enforcement and Prosecutions

All criminal prosecutions are handled by the Orange County District Attorney’s Office.  The DA’s office takes a very hard line on DWI prosecutions. In 2009 there were more than 1800 alcohol related driving arrests impaired or intoxicated driving (DWI, DWAI, DWAI-D) in Orange County. Both the NYS Police and the Florida Village Police made numerous arrests. Most arrests occurred after dark with many taking place after midnight. Police officers assume that many driver’s who are out after midnight have consumed alcohol and or drugs. As a result they are looking for any lawful reason to pull drivers over in order to investigate possible DWI incidents. Alcohol checkpoints were rarely established.  All of these offenses are “criminal” violations of the law and, as a result are prosecuted by the Orange County District Attorney’s office.


Other typical criminal cases heard in Florida Village Court are petty larceny, assault, harrassment and drug possession.  Misdemeanors remain the jurisdiction of the Florida Village court, while felonies are transferred to the Orange County Court if there is a felony indictment by the Grand Jury.  Criminal cases are only heard once a month in villag court.


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