Legal Fees

Fees For Legal Representation

Fees for representation in criminal or traffic matters vary depending upon the offense charged. For traffic/speeding violations the basic fees are generally between $350-$450 depending upon where the court your ticket is answerable in is located. The fee includes representation for as many tickets as you received at the same time and includes all legal services necessary to adjudicate your ticket(s). It does not include representation for any appeals you may wish to pursue. Fees are the same whether you chose to appear personally or waive your right to appear. Full payment of the fee is required, as a retainer, prior to representation being undertaken. Phone consultations about a traffic matter or criminal charge are free. For a phone consultation call: 845-294-0585. If you prefer you can fill out a short input form and obtain a free online, no obligation case review and consultation, please select appropriate form below (click either traffic or DWI).
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