Client Testimonials

  • Great Help

    Classic Route 17 potential 4 point speeding ticket. Never even spoke to Glenn. I’m sure he’s a great lawyer but Megan is a peach. She was honest, straightforward. I followed her suggestions. She and Glen got my ticket reduced to 0 points. Money well spent and a pleasant experience all things considered.

  • Great firm with positive results.

    I received a 4 point speeding ticket in Bethel, NY. The firm was able to get it reduced to a zero point non-moving violation. Great communication and follow up from the staff. Would highly recommend this firm’s services.

  • Hassle Free!

    I received a 6 point speeding ticket on the Taconic Pkwy on Super Bowl Sunday on the way home from a ski trip (in a bit of a rush to watch my Broncos beat the Panthers). I called the attorney’s office a week later, emailed them a copy of the ticket, and they did the rest! Got the violation reduced to a ZERO point non-moving violation and a small fine, saved me from a nasty increase in my car insurance premiums. Great job.

  • Whole office very professional

    I was impressed with my very first talk with Mr. Magnell via e-mail. He presented facts and right away gave me the impression he cared about my situation. His office staff did likewise on subsequent telephone calls. I was told how and when action would be taken and I appreciated understanding how my case was proceeding and felt assured my case was given the best chance for good outcome. I feel I was very lucky to have his office as my legal representative.

  • Amazing

    In-depth knowledge of the law, propitious connections with local court officials… Reduced the points on my license for a single offense from 22 to 10.


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